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5 Things You Never Knew About Lamborghini History

Lamborghini has owned the title of being the manufacturer of some of the most expensive supercars on the planet. From the Chiron to the Veneno Roadster and everything in between, there’s a lot of history behind these world-class machines. If you are planning to buy a supercar, learning its history is appealing to many owners…Read more

3 Reasons Specialized Ferrari and Maserati Maintenance is Crucial

When you purchased a world-class supercar like a Ferrari or a Maserati, you knew it would be high maintenance. The high upkeep cost is one of the reasons these supercars are associated with luxury. Many motorists who drive everyday vehicles wonder why service for these supercars is highly specialized since they essentially share similar vehicle…Read more

classic sports cars

5 of the Best-Ever Classic European Supercars

In the world of European supercars, owning a classic is one of the best experiences of a lifetime. With all of the mass-produced vehicles coming out today, five classics stand out to many European supercar lovers.  Porsche 911 The Porsche 911 might be the most recognizable classic European supercar of all time. Many car collectors…Read more

take care of cars in winter

5 Tips to Ensure Your European Luxury Vehicle is Winter-Ready

Winter will be here before we all know it. Even if you live in a warm climate like here in the Los Angeles area, many winterization tasks are good to perform on any vehicle, regardless of climate. Additionally, perhaps you plan to make a trip to visit relatives who live in a cold weather state….Read more

ferrari clutch replacement

How to Limit the Wear on Your Ferrari Clutch: 4 Expert Tips

Replacing the clutch in any vehicle is no minor expense on any vehicle. As with all supercars, things are heightened in comparison to everyday vehicles, and the cost of replacing your Ferraris’s clutch is no exception. To help you be more conscious of how you drive your Ferrari and the wear and tear on your…Read more

how to by a sports car

4 Expert Tips on Buying Your First European Supercar

If you’re considering purchasing a European supercar for the first time, you know there is no shortage of choices for these world-class machines. Apart from considering exactly which one to buy, and getting it insured, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before buying one. Here are a few examples.  New or Pre-Owned? …Read more

maserati service tips

Maserati Service Schedule: 5 Things Owners Need to Know

When it comes to owning and maintaining a Maserati, one of the most common questions we are asked is about proper service schedules. Maserati owners know that they are driving world-class machines that need servicing on time from experts. Here are five tips on what you need to know about your Maserati service schedule.  Oil…Read more

best sports car in 2022

Top 3 European Sports Cars in 2022

For those of us who are passionate about European supercars and sports cars in general, each year brings exciting new models. Models for the upcoming year (in this case 2023 models) are being teased by manufacturers around this time of year, so we will take a look back at some of the best European Supercars…Read more

Ferrari service shop

3 Critical Things to Know About Your Pre-Owned Ferrari’s Service Record

Whether you are buying or selling, the pre-owned Ferrari market will always garner interest. These world-class supercars will likely always be in demand, and this is especially true for classic Ferraris.  But to get the most out of selling your Ferrari, or get a good deal when purchasing one, you must understand why their service…Read more

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