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driving in winter

3 Top Tips to Get Your Tires Ready to Drive in Winter Weather

Roadway accidents increase in the winter, due to colder conditions. When the roads are wet and cold, this can cause freezing – even in a warm climate like here in California. European supercar and luxury vehicle owners might opt to keep their precious investments in the garage during the winter months, but others might not….Read more

drive safely at night

6 Tips for Driving Your Supercar Safely at Night

Driving at night can be dangerous for your everyday motorist driving a typical consumer vehicle. For those of us lucky enough to drive a prestigious European supercar, though, driving at nighttime can be deadly – especially if it’s raining. As a supercar owner, you know these high-performance, world-class machines are much more powerful than normal…Read more

car paint job

How to Keep Your European Supercar’s Paint Job Shining Like New

One of the first things that people notice on your European supercar is its beautiful paint job. However, even the paint on the best, most prestigious vehicles will fade eventually. This will happen no matter how much, or how little you drive. The good news is that you can follow some of the following maintenance…Read more

keep car clean

4 Interior Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Vehicle In Top Shape

As an owner of a European supercar or luxury car, you know how important it is to keep it performing at its best. Keeping your entire vehicle clean is also a big part of that. No matter what time of year it is, these four interior maintenance tips will help you keep your European supercar…Read more

avoid car accidents

4 Simple Tips to Help You Avoid a Car Accident

Life comes at us fast, and driving can come at us even faster. This is especially true when you are driving European supercars like Lambos and Ferraris. Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, but there are many things you can do to increase your chances of avoiding one. Below are five simple tips to help you avoid…Read more

warm car in winter

Do You Need to Let Your Car Warm Up in the Winter?

As summer comes to a close, many car owners begin to wonder about warming up their cars in the winter months. This was definitely the case in years past, but according to the Car Care Council, that is no longer an issue. Most modern cars are well equipped enough to drive in cold temperatures right…Read more

Driver Assistance Systems

Understanding You Car’s Driver Assistance Systems

Automation is finding its way into many different walks of life, and our automobiles are no different. All makes and models of vehicles are now starting to see driver assistance systems in various forms. Cars are starting to drive themselves, and these cars also communicate with each other. Lives are saved thanks to driverless cars…Read more

Simple-Sounding Yet Costly Auto Repairs

It is difficult for many vehicle owners to predict how much their automobile repairs will cost. This is especially true and even amplified when it comes to owners of European luxury and supercars. Some auto repairs can sound easy and straightforward enough, but when a customer gets the estimate on what it might cost, they…Read more

oil change

What is the Best Kind of Oil for Your Car?

If you’re a European supercar or a luxury vehicle owner, you know that it’s well within your best interest to protect your investment. Doing so involves regular maintenance and frequent oil changes. This is especially important if your vehicle is older or has over 100,000 miles.  The market for automotive oil is very lucrative and…Read more

Best Ferraris of All Time

5 of the Best Ferraris of All Time

The roar of a Ferrari engine is something that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. World-class supercars boasting the famous Prancing Horse logo are recognizable across the globe, and are basically unmatched when it comes to style, class, and of course, everyone’s favorite – speed. Owning a Ferrari is not only a status…Read more

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