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car brake repair

4 Reasons to Leave Your Brake Repairs to the Pros

This probably isn’t news to any vehicle owner, but brakes are an essential component of all cars. High functioning brakes are especially important on European supercars that are much faster than everyday vehicles. Along with world-class speed must come world-class stopping power. You won’t always be able to stop on a dime, especially if your…Read more

how often to change car oil

Oil Changes – How Often Do You Really Need Them?

How often do you really need to change the oil in your vehicle? Depending on who you ask, you might get a different answer to the question. The mechanic at Walmart might tell you every 3,000 miles, while your deal says every 5,000, and the owner’s manual says every 7,500.  If you ask the layman,…Read more

maintain car tires

3 Crucial Things to Know About Your Tires

When it comes to taking care of their European supercar or luxury vehicle, when we hear that a customer has an issue it’s usually under the hood. Sometimes, it’s with the interior, or with the suspension or brakes. But most customers won’t think that the issue could be with their tires. Keeping a set of…Read more

make car smell better

Does Your Car Smell Strange? Here’s the Reason Why

As a vehicle owner, there’s nothing worse than a foul odor covering up that unmistakable new car smell. Worse, whatever is the cause of the odor could make you sick or lead to unnecessarily expensive repairs. If your car smells strange, be sure to follow your nose and determine if it’s one of the following…Read more

make car have good mpg

4 Tips to Maximize Your MPG and Extend Tire Life

As an owner of a world-class European supercar or luxury vehicle, you know that it’s a major investment – often for a lifetime. Purchasing one of these exceptional machines means that you get to experience the relative rarity that is driving one. However, here at Otto’s European Coachworks, we also have extensive experience in working…Read more

car performance

Understanding Your Vehicle is Crucial to Top Performance and Quality Service

European supercars and luxury vehicles are a significant investment and their prestigious nature can be very rewarding. However, if not maintained properly, or not obtaining a detailed maintenance history of pre-owned vehicles can result in unnecessarily high repair costs that could have easily been avoided. At Otto’s European, we are dedicated to personalized service that…Read more

Driver Assistance Systems

Driver Assistance Systems – What Drivers Should Understand

As more and more areas of our daily lives become computerized and automated, it’s most certainly not a surprise that our personal vehicles are no different. Every year, we see our European vehicles being released with more automated features, from safety to entertainment purposes and everything in between. It’s important to understand these systems to…Read more

maintain car running smoothly

5 Tips to Keep Your Car Running in Peak Condition

Just like it’s important to eat healthily and exercise to maintain good physical health, it’s also important to do specific things to ensure that our vehicles perform their best as well. Dipping into savings, or worse, taking out a credit card to pay for repairs on everyday cars can be a major blow to our…Read more

Check engine light on

What to Do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

As vehicle owners, we all know that sinking feeling when you see that your check engine light comes on. It could be a simple and easy fix, but our minds race, especially if we have no idea of what the issue could be. Check engine lights coming on in regular consumer cars can be stressful…Read more

High end european cars

Simple Ways to Your European Supercar Vehicle Ready for Winter

In our last blog post, we discussed the top three ways that you can get the tires on your car ready for winter. But what about the whole vehicle? As we mentioned in our last post, winterizing your vehicle is highly important with everyday consumer vehicles. If you drive a European supercar or a luxury…Read more

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