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Rolls-Royce Oil Change Cost: What You Need to Know

As a Rolls-Royce owner, you understand that these world-class machines are unmatched for their performance, top-tier quality, and impeccable style. As such, you want to keep your luxury vehicle performing at its best for as long as possible.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to keep up with the oil changes in…Read more

rolls royce oil change tips

How Often Should I Change the Oil in a Rolls Royce?

It’s recommended to get an oil change for your Rolls Royce every 3,000 to 7,000 miles. New Rolls Royce vehicles have been equipped with a Condition Based Service System that tracks your car’s oil life. Otto’s European will receive information from your vehicle via the Rolls Royce CarData, and we will contact you directly when…Read more

sell luxury car

How to Sell Your Pre-Owned Supercar

As the owner of a world-class European supercar, you know the only time you’ll ever want to get rid of it is to upgrade to another European supercar. Before you do this, you will likely want to sell the other one. There are good ways and bad ways to go about selling your European supercar….Read more

ferrari auto repair

5 Things to Look for When Buying a Classic Ferrari

As exotic vehicle lovers, we know that they don’t always make them like they used to. As much as new supercar body styles from brands like Ferrari are awesome, there’s something about that classic feel.  There are a few things that can help save you a ton of money before driving a classic Ferrari either…Read more

safe driver tips

3 Tips for Being a Safe Driver

When you invest in a European supercar or luxury vehicle, your investment costs significantly more than that of other drivers with everyday vehicles. It is likely a long time since most of us have taken our driver’s test, so it never hurts to brush up on safety tips. This way, you make yourself a better,…Read more

auto care during winter

5 Tips to Prep Your Luxury Car for Winter

Even though we are currently enjoying the autumn season, winter is coming. In two short months, we will be driving in the winter months with all the hurdles that come with that. It’s not too early to start planning the winterization of your European luxury vehicle now. Along with the holiday season comes challenges that…Read more

Lamborghini repair shop

The Lamborghinis that Shaped the Brand

When Ferruccio Lamborghini founded his iconic supercar brand in 1963, he did so in a way opposite of most other supercar manufacturers. Instead of turning racing cars into touring cars, as did Bentley and Ferrari, Lamborghini started by building touring cars—just really fast ones with race-like chassis. While Ferrari allowed drivers to feel the pound…Read more

luxury cars

The Most Head-Turning Supercars Money Can Buy

Let’s face it: supercars are status symbols. They announce to the world that you’ve made it and made it big. You can enjoy the fruits of your labor by indulging in a little on-road luxury. And it feels good—everything from sliding into the hand-crafted interior to accelerating into a curve on a winding mountain road,…Read more

best Bentley models

The Best Bentleys on the Market

Few car brands spell luxury like Bentley. Founded in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley, Bentley Motors has been producing some of the most high-end cars on the road—and the racetrack—for the last century.  What makes them so special? Bentley cars not only come equipped with powerful engines, but their interiors are also crafted largely by…Read more

oil for high end cars

The Special Needs of Supercars

European supercars aren’t like other vehicles. Their high-end details, fast speeds, superb performance and striking body designs set them apart in the automotive world. They’re fun to show off and even more fun to drive.  Anyone who signs up to own one, though, also signs up for its care and maintenance—and supercars require more than…Read more

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