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3 Critical Things to Know About Your Pre-Owned Ferrari’s Service Record

Ferrari service shopWhether you are buying or selling, the pre-owned Ferrari market will always garner interest. These world-class supercars will likely always be in demand, and this is especially true for classic Ferraris. 

But to get the most out of selling your Ferrari, or get a good deal when purchasing one, you must understand why their service records are critical. People often use the words crucial and critical interchangeably. But here’s why critical is more appropriate here.

Critical means there is an element of danger, and an outdated service record can be quite dangerous. Driving a Ferrari with an outdated service record not only puts you and your passenger(s) in danger but also can endanger other motorists. 

Here are three critical things to know about your pre-owned Ferrari’s service record, whether you own one, or are looking to own one.

Who Did the Work?

While mechanics at everyday shops can perform quality service on your Ford or Toyota, a European supercar like a Ferrari requires a uniquely skilled technician. And extensive knowledge of repairing European supercars and high-end luxury vehicles is a skill that is becoming increasingly rare. 

For this reason, pay close attention to which tech performed which service on your pre-owned Ferrari. A good Ferrari mechanic will be happy to share their track record with you. If they don’t, that could be a red flag. 

What Constitutes Major Services?

Another very important thing to keep in mind with your pre-owned Ferrarir’s service record is to pay attention to what some shops call a major service. Some service centers will indicate that a timing belt replacement is a major service, for instance, but in most cases, it isn’t. 

There are major differences between minor and major services, especially cost-wise. Examine each line item on every service record, and ask questions if you need clarification. Get in record anything that needs clarifying, especially if you’re looking to sell your Ferrari. 

What Are You Buying?

Buying and maintaining a pre-owned Ferrari is not difficult as long as you know up-front exactly what you’re buying. Be sure to inquire about all maintenance items, and whether there were ones that may have been deferred. 

Remember, always scrutinize service records, and make sure the technicians who worked on your Ferrari are experienced. If you do these things, you’ll get a good deal on purchasing a pre-owned Ferrari, and a good sales price when selling.

Trust the Supercar Experts at Otto’s European Coachwerks

As previously mentioned, extensive knowledge of repairing European supercars and high-end luxury vehicles is a skill that is becoming increasingly rare. 

Otto’s European has many years of experience with these supercars. We take the knowledge and skill required to maintain these incredible machines very seriously. To schedule an appointment, call our shop today. We offer discreet service for those in the greater Los Angeles area.

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