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How to Limit the Wear on Your Ferrari Clutch: 4 Expert Tips

ferrari clutch replacementReplacing the clutch in any vehicle is no minor expense on any vehicle. As with all supercars, things are heightened in comparison to everyday vehicles, and the cost of replacing your Ferraris’s clutch is no exception. To help you be more conscious of how you drive your Ferrari and the wear and tear on your clutch, we wrote this article on tips to prolong the life of your clutch. 

F1 Transmission vs Six-Speed Manual 

Perhaps the biggest factor in the way your Ferrari clutch wears is whether you have an F1 transmission or a six-speed manual. We typically recommend going with a true-gated six-speed manual transmission. This is because six-speeds give you a lot more control over how fast your clutch wears. You can feel when you are riding the clutch, smell when the clutch is burning, and therefore can tell when the clutch is wearing down faster than it should. 

With Ferraris that have F1 transmissions, determining how fast your driving habits are wearing the clutch becomes more difficult. If you can avoid the big expense of having to replace the clutch prematurely, this will help prolong the life of your supercar. However, there are a few ways you can still get the most out of the lifetime of your Ferrari clutch.

Limit Driving in Reverse

Unlike the Six-Speed, driving a Ferrari with an F1 transmission in reverse can cause some of the most damage to your clutch. For this reason, we always recommend driving in reverse no more than you have to. We recommend against backing up hills in reverse with your F1 Ferrari, as doing so repeatedly will almost surely burn out your clutch faster.

Drive-In Sport Mode

Another common recommendation that comes from owners with years of Ferrari F1 driving experience is to drive in sport mode to increase the longevity of your clutch. This information is not verified by the Ferrari brand, but many owners seem to have the same experience that the sport mode does not wear your clutch any faster. And driving in sport mode is the most exciting way to drive an F1. 

Schedule Regular Ferrari Services

The most straightforward recommendation to prolong the life of your Ferrari is to regularly have it serviced by master-certified technicians. Regularly scheduling Ferrari service is the best way to prevent any issues with your clutch from happening sooner than they should, but the above tips should help for the times in between services. 

Otto’s is Here to Help

If you’re looking for knowledgeable and experienced Ferrari technicians in the Los Angeles area, Otto’s European Coachwerks has you covered. We offer prompt, thorough service and have been in business for over 20 years. For more directions to our shop or schedule a service appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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