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How Often Should I Change the Oil in a Rolls Royce?

rolls royce oil change tips

It’s recommended to get an oil change for your Rolls Royce every 3,000 to 7,000 miles. New Rolls Royce vehicles have been equipped with a Condition Based Service System that tracks your car’s oil life. Otto’s European will receive information from your vehicle via the Rolls Royce CarData, and we will contact you directly when it’s time to schedule service.

When it comes to ensuring your vehicle is always running its best, keeping regular oil changes and other maintenance is crucial. As such, most owners likely have important questions like how often the oil should be changed, whether to change your oil yourself, and so on. 

Motor oil is what helps keep vehicles lubricated so engines don’t experience friction. Keeping up with oil changes is even more important when it comes to owning a world-class machine like a Rolls Royce. These luxury vehicles require special care that regular cars don’t usually need. 

Because Rolls Royce luxury vehicles are significant investments for many drivers, it makes sense that you only would drive your Rolls every once in a while. Even for drivers that only take their vehicles out once a month, it is still important to monitor their oil health.

This is because motor oil breaks down over time, even if it’s not doing its job keeping the engine running smoothly. We recommend getting your vehicle looked at once a year at least. A good Rolls Royce auto technician business will help you keep the rest of your vehicle running smoothly and safely, not just the oil.

Can I Change My Rolls Royce Oil at Home?

As mechanics and Rolls Royce techs, we respect the fact that many drivers think about taking their Rolls oil changes into their own hands. While opting to DIY your Rolls oil change might not cause any problems, the process is more in-depth than regular vehicles. 

For example, an entire body panel must be removed before you can even begin changing your oil in your Rolls-Royce. A Rolls-Royce auto shop should have the proper tools and experience to get the job done the right way and ensure there are no issues with removing your body panel. 

Why Is it Important To Monitor My Oil in My Rolls Royce?

When it comes to keeping up with oil changes, keeping your oil-filled and clean serves several purposes. First, it keeps your engine lubricated to prevent friction and also helps to redistribute engine heat. If you neglect to change your oil frequently or drive with low oil or unclean oil, this could cause serious damage to your vehicle that might not be reversible. 

How Often Should Frequent Rolls Drivers Change Their Oil? 

Most vehicles need to have their oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.  With new Rolls-Royces, you can sometimes drive up to 7,000 miles before needing to change the oil. However, for older Rolls Royces with over 100,000 miles, we recommend sticking to the regular oil change frequency of around every 3,000 miles. 

What is the Rolls Royce Oil Life Tracking System?

Right out of the showroom, every new Rolls Royce model comes equipped with a built-in service system that will track your oil life for you. When you establish a relationship with a Rolls-certified auto shop, your vehicle will automatically send CarData to your service center. Some Rolls auto shops will even contact you when it comes time to bring in your vehicle for a fresh oil change.

Trust the Rolls-Royce Certified Pros at Otto’s European

When it comes to getting the best oil change service for your Rolls, you need an auto shop that has the experience and certifications to keep your oil life at its best. At Otto’s European Coachwerks, we are certified by the Rolls manufacturer, meaning we have exclusive access to vehicle parts that other shops do not have. 

We also have over 20 years of experience working on these exceptional vehicles. To schedule an appointment for your Rolls, or directions to our shop, don’t hesitate to call the pros at Otto’s European.

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