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Rolls Royce Oil Change

rolls royce oil change

Servicing Your Rolls Royce

Owning a Rolls-Royce isn’t something everyday drivers get to experience. The Rolls-Royce brand produces some of the most luxurious cars in the world, building each one by hand at its facility in Goodwood, England. Maintaining that world-class performance and class requires Rolls-Royce owners to have their cars regularly serviced by certified mechanics. Regular oil changes keep essential engine components properly lubricated and functioning at their optimum levels. While preventative maintenance is usually needed less frequently on such well-built machines, it requires much more expertise and higher quality parts than your average vehicle.

oil change rolls royce

What Kind of Oil Does Your Rolls-Royce Need?

The type of oil that your Rolls-Royce needs will partly depend on the car’s model, year and age. Modern models with high-performance engines require fully synthetic oil, which has fewer impurities and can withstand greater temperatures. Depending on your local climate and how much you drive, you’ll need either 5W-30 or 5W-40 synthetic engine oil for a Rolls-Royce V12 Phantom, Ghost, or Wraith. Older, more classic models may still take 10W-40. A certified Rolls-Royce mechanic will be able to recommend the best motor oil for your car.

How Often Should You Change the Oil in Your Rolls-Royce?

The frequency of your oil changes will also depend on your car’s age and how much you drive it. In general, a Rolls-Royce should have its oil changed at least once a year—twice if driven more than 7,000 miles. Antique and classic models will likely need more frequent oil changes. Today’s models come with a built-in oil life monitoring system that will automatically alert you or your certified mechanic when it’s time to change the oil. Because of the high-quality oil, special labor, and factory-certified parts involved, expect to pay around $650 per oil change.

If your Rolls-Royce is due for service, come to Otto’s European. We are Rolls-Royce and Bentley certified, and we have over two decades of experience servicing European luxury vehicles. If you have any questions about oil changes for your Rolls-Royce, feel free to contact us. We’re here for you.

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