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Car Tips

3 Reasons Specialized Ferrari and Maserati Maintenance is Crucial

When you purchased a world-class supercar like a Ferrari or a Maserati, you knew it would be high maintenance. The high upkeep cost is one of the reasons these supercars are associated with luxury. Many motorists who drive everyday vehicles wonder why service for these supercars is highly specialized since they essentially share similar vehicle…Read more

classic sports cars

5 of the Best-Ever Classic European Supercars

In the world of European supercars, owning a classic is one of the best experiences of a lifetime. With all of the mass-produced vehicles coming out today, five classics stand out to many European supercar lovers.  Porsche 911 The Porsche 911 might be the most recognizable classic European supercar of all time. Many car collectors…Read more

ferrari clutch replacement

How to Limit the Wear on Your Ferrari Clutch: 4 Expert Tips

Replacing the clutch in any vehicle is no minor expense on any vehicle. As with all supercars, things are heightened in comparison to everyday vehicles, and the cost of replacing your Ferraris’s clutch is no exception. To help you be more conscious of how you drive your Ferrari and the wear and tear on your…Read more

Ferrari service shop

3 Critical Things to Know About Your Pre-Owned Ferrari’s Service Record

Whether you are buying or selling, the pre-owned Ferrari market will always garner interest. These world-class supercars will likely always be in demand, and this is especially true for classic Ferraris.  But to get the most out of selling your Ferrari, or get a good deal when purchasing one, you must understand why their service…Read more

ferrari auto repair

5 Things to Look for When Buying a Classic Ferrari

As exotic vehicle lovers, we know that they don’t always make them like they used to. As much as new supercar body styles from brands like Ferrari are awesome, there’s something about that classic feel.  There are a few things that can help save you a ton of money before driving a classic Ferrari either…Read more

safe driver tips

3 Tips for Being a Safe Driver

When you invest in a European supercar or luxury vehicle, your investment costs significantly more than that of other drivers with everyday vehicles. It is likely a long time since most of us have taken our driver’s test, so it never hurts to brush up on safety tips. This way, you make yourself a better,…Read more

auto care during winter

5 Tips to Prep Your Luxury Car for Winter

Even though we are currently enjoying the autumn season, winter is coming. In two short months, we will be driving in the winter months with all the hurdles that come with that. It’s not too early to start planning the winterization of your European luxury vehicle now. Along with the holiday season comes challenges that…Read more

Lamborghini repair shop

The Lamborghinis that Shaped the Brand

When Ferruccio Lamborghini founded his iconic supercar brand in 1963, he did so in a way opposite of most other supercar manufacturers. Instead of turning racing cars into touring cars, as did Bentley and Ferrari, Lamborghini started by building touring cars—just really fast ones with race-like chassis. While Ferrari allowed drivers to feel the pound…Read more

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