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Most Expensive Cars For Oil Change Maintenance

Which European Cars Are the Most Expensive to Maintain?

Purchasing a European luxury vehicle is a symbol of success and wealth, carrying with it a price tag to match. But the expense of buying one of these cars is just the beginning. Along with the prestige of owning these world-class driving machines comes a responsibility to maintain it at its highest possible level. This tends to be at a significantly higher cost than most of the vehicles that an everyday motorist would drive. So which European luxury cars cost the most to maintain? Read on and find out for yourself.

Ferrari Enzo

ferrari oil change

Most Ferraris hold their value as the vehicles age, despite normal wear and tear on the vehicles. This is even more so the case if they are maintained and serviced the right way, as the value can increase over time. However, you will need to show all of the proper documents proving that you’ve had your Ferrari Enzo maintained properly.

The cost of maintaining an Enzo stands out from that of most other European supercars because the scissor lift that is required to work on Enzo’s costs repair shops about $10,000. Naturally, this initial sunken cost will drive up the price of repairs for owners. Additionally, labor costs are higher than normal, because the Enzo engine needs to warm up at 4000 rpm and then idle for a few minutes. This is quite unlike most vehicles, where you can simply flush the old oil, replace it and add new filters.

McLaren F1

oil change McLaren F1

The F1 from McLaren is a stunning sight to behold, and driving one is certainly a memorable experience. But as with anything worthwhile, it doesn’t come easy. Finding parts for this top-shelf European supercar is difficult, meaning you’ll pay much more than normal to obtain them. Everyday maintenance also consumes quite a bit of time for the repair shop, which will hit you in your wallet when it comes to labor costs.

The manufacturer quotes that the average cost of a simple oil change for the F1 will set you back about $8,000. Even just a fresh new set of tires can cost at least $3,000. McLaren estimates that the cost of properly maintaining and F1 will cost around $30,000, which is an entry-level salary for many people. Even at best, there are some repairs that must be shipped to the U.K. in order to perform. The cost of shipping any car overseas is astronomical, let alone the price you’ll pay for the services to be rendered.

Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Oil Change

Rolls Royce Phantoms are a European luxury vehicle fit for a king, so it’s no surprise that repairs for these U.K. vehicles are expensive. An oil change for your Rolls Royce will cost you about $650, and routine annual maintenance costs are around $4,000. Even if you properly maintain your Phantom, repairs can arise unpredictably and will cost a small fortune. A mechanism for closing one of the doors of a Phantom can cost over $500.

Mercedes S65 AMG

Mercedes oil change

The Mercedes AMG model boasts a big, strong V12 engine. Of course, to properly maintain power like that will mean taking your AMG to a certified Mercedes repair shop that has access to exclusive parts. On a positive note, Mercedes vehicles tend to be very reliable if you take care of them the right way, so your AMG probably won’t need too many repairs. Still though, annual maintenance costs for an AMG can be up to $1,000.

Bentley Continental GT

bentley oil change

The Bentley Continental is a popular status symbol for professional athletes and celebrities. Simple oil changes for Bentleys cost an estimated $500. Even if the British luxury vehicle requires no repairs, maintenance costs are around $3,200 a year.

Lamborghini LM002

oil change Lamborghini LM002

Since these rare vehicles were only produced from 1986 to 1993, repair costs on them are going to be expensive. There were about 300 of these models produced, so finding a repair shop that has experience servicing them is just as rare. Even just replacing one single tire can cost up to $5,000, which includes service fees.

Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin oil change

Even though the repair costs to properly maintain an Aston Martin DB9 are significantly lower than the other vehicles on this list, they are still much higher than that of your everyday automobiles. An oil change can typically cost about $400. Experts estimate that the annual maintenance cost of these vehicles is around $2,000. Additionally, if you don’t properly maintain your DB9, the repair costs will be through the roof, because of the exclusivity and rarity of Aston Martin parts. A common engine part can cost well over a $1,000 for this European luxury vehicle.

Trustworthy and Experienced

Maintaining a top-notch European supercar is expensive, but can be even worse if your luxury repair shop doesn’t know what they are doing. At Otto’s European, we have two decades of experience servicing, repairing and maintaining European luxury vehicles. If you need to schedule an appointment or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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