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Bentley Oil Change

Bentley Oil Change

Why Does Your Bentley Need Oil Changes?

As a Bentley owner, you know that your luxury vehicle requires a level of expert care and maintenance that ordinary cars do not. The same holds true for your oil changes. While your Bentley probably requires fewer oil changes than normal cars, the oil change process is much more sophisticated due to the vehicle’s advanced machinery. No matter how much mileage your Bentley has on it, regular oil changes are essential to maintain peak performance and engine longevity. Neglecting to change the oil in your Bentley can lead to internal friction and cause many otherwise avoidable problems over time.

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What Kind of Oil Does Your Bentley Need?

The specific type of oil that your Bentley needs depends mostly on the car’s model and year. Bentley recommends Mobil 1 advanced full synthetic oil for nearly all of its current models. This type of oil is designed for high-performance engines and will protect delicate engine parts from heat and friction. The size and number of cylinders your engine has will determine whether you need to use 0W-40 or 5W-30 oil. You will find what kind of oil the manufacturer recommends in your owner’s manual. A worthwhile European luxury repair shop can tell you the proper oil type to use as well. Don’t put anything other than the recommended oil in your Bentley’s engine, as doing so could seriously damage it.

Oil Change Tips for Your Luxury Vehicle

There are other factors to completing an oil change than one may realize. Below are some helpful tips to have in mind for future oil changes:

  • What if I don’t drive your Bentley often? Regardless of how often you drive, oil breaks down and loses its potency over time. Even if you don’t drive your Bentley often or let it sit in the garage for long periods of time, the oil will break down if you take long between changes.
  • What else do I need when performing an oil change for my Bentley? It’s best to get an oil filter replacement as well when performing a Bentley oil change. Otto European has a great selection of OEM Bentley parts which we use during servicing.
  • What kind of motor oil is needed? Bentley requires synthetic oil for their vehicles. Synthetic oil lasts longer than typical motor oil and it is best for high-performance cars.

How Often Should You Perform a Bentley Oil Change?

Bentley builds its engines using high-grade components, therefore, they don’t require oil changes as often as standard vehicles do. Still, Bentley manufacturers recommend that you change your oil at least once a year, or every 6,000 to 10,000 miles. If you have a classic Bentley model, you will probably need to change the oil more frequently. Check your owner’s manual for more details. A modern Bentley will likely have an oil life monitor that will alert you or your dealer when it is time to change the oil. Before taking your highly valuable vehicle in for service, ensure that the repair shop is Bentley certified.

How Often Should I Check Oil Levels for My Car?

It’s best to check your vehicle’s oil levels at least once a month. Newer Bentley models include electronic oil monitors, so you are able to check your oil level without taking it to the shop. Older Bentley models, however, still may use a dipstick, in order to check oil levels manually. Regular check-ups will help ensure that there are no leaks, which can lead to other damages if left unchecked. If you notice anything unusual with your Bentley, schedule an oil change appointment with Otto’s European.

Learn More About Oil Change Frequency for Bentley

Our team of experts at Otto’s European is happy to help you keep your vehicle in excellent condition with routine Bentley oil changes, diagnostics, transmission fluid checks, air, filter replacements, and more. Contact us today for more information on the services we perform. We are Bentley certified and have over twenty years of experience maintaining European luxury vehicles.

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