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Simple-Sounding Yet Costly Auto Repairs

It is difficult for many vehicle owners to predict how much their automobile repairs will cost. This is especially true and even amplified when it comes to owners of European luxury and supercars. Some auto repairs can sound easy and straightforward enough, but when a customer gets the estimate on what it might cost, they…Read more

oil change

What is the Best Kind of Oil for Your Car?

If you’re a European supercar or a luxury vehicle owner, you know that it’s well within your best interest to protect your investment. Doing so involves regular maintenance and frequent oil changes. This is especially important if your vehicle is older or has over 100,000 miles.  The market for automotive oil is very lucrative and…Read more

Best Ferraris of All Time

5 of the Best Ferraris of All Time

The roar of a Ferrari engine is something that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. World-class supercars boasting the famous Prancing Horse logo are recognizable across the globe, and are basically unmatched when it comes to style, class, and of course, everyone’s favorite – speed. Owning a Ferrari is not only a status…Read more

car kits in case of emergency

Protect Yourself with an Emergency Car Kit

Anyone who has ever experienced any kind of emergency while driving understands that it can be terrifying and sometimes, even life threatening. The majority of emergency preparedness preparations people tend to focus on is that of being prepared at home. There’s not a whole lot of attention paid to being prepared when it comes to…Read more

Exotic Car Auto Repair

When it comes to keeping your exotic car in peak operating condition, you can’t afford to take your top-shelf investment to an everyday repair shop. You need skilled, trained and certified technicians who share the same passion for exotic European vehicles that you do. At Otto’s European, we have two decades of experience working closely…Read more

Rolls Royce Ghost Buyers Guide

There are few luxury vehicles available today that inspire awe and admiration quite like the world-renowned Rolls-Royce. Even the most classic of Rolls vehicles are held in a higher regard than many brand new regular consumer automobiles. For over 110 years now, the Rolls-Royce brand has been manufacturing some of the highest quality, most luxurious…Read more

Luxury Car Repair

Exotic Car Repair

As an owner of a European luxury vehicle, you’ve invested quite a bit of your hard-earned money into your world-class driving machine. While getting into an accident or need in-depth, labor-intensive work done is stressful for any vehicle owner, it’s especially tricky when it comes to getting the most out of your exotic car repair….Read more

Bentley repair shop

Bentley Repair

Every vehicle owner understands that regular care and maintenance will extend the life of their car. When it comes to Bentley repair, there is a specific level of world-class care required that you won’t get at a typical auto shop. In order to keep your Bentley in peak performance condition, ensuring that world-class luxury experience…Read more

Rolls Royce Oil Change

Most Expensive Cars For Oil Change Maintenance

Which European Cars Are the Most Expensive to Maintain? Purchasing a European luxury vehicle is a symbol of success and wealth, carrying with it a price tag to match. But the expense of buying one of these cars is just the beginning. Along with the prestige of owning these world-class driving machines comes a responsibility…Read more

rolls royce repair shop

Rolls-Royce CEO Believes Grand Can Go Full EV

As the future of the European automotive industry appears to be increasingly EV based, most people would think that hybrids are going to be a staple. Especially when it comes to extremely high-performance luxury machines and supercars, fully electric vehicles might seem impossible. But the CEO of Rolls-Royce, Torsten Müller-Otvö, believes that the British luxury…Read more

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