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How to Keep Your European Supercar’s Paint Job Shining Like New

car paint jobOne of the first things that people notice on your European supercar is its beautiful paint job. However, even the paint on the best, most prestigious vehicles will fade eventually. This will happen no matter how much, or how little you drive. The good news is that you can follow some of the following maintenance tips in order to keep your investment looking its finest and keep your paint job shining like new. 

  • Keep it clean. This goes without saying to many car owners, but it is imperative that you wash your car thoroughly. This is true for most cars, but even more true when it comes to European supercars. One of the biggest issues we see when it comes to this is the fact that some owners use the wrong kind of equipment. Once a week you should wash your car with car shampoo and use a microfiber cloth on it. The last thing you want to see on the paint job of your European supercar is water swirls. Using microfiber can help prevent this. 
  • Remove debris immediately. As soon as you notice any kind of debris – whether it’s sticks or bird droppings, remove it as soon as you can. Be sure to use non-abrasive cleaner when removing stains or debris, to avoid scratching your vehicle. 
  • Get it waxed. We recommend that European supercar owners get their vehicles waxed every other wash. This depends on how much you drive. If you drive a lot, you might want to increase that to every wash. You can wax your vehicle yourself, but we recommend taking it to a professional for the best possible results. Any time that you see that water is no longer rolling off of the vehicle, it’s time for a good wax. 
  • Touch it up.  Sometimes, scratches and dings are unavoidable. If these happen, be sure to take your vehicle to a professional detailer to get it touched up. The longer you let it go, the harder it can be to remove any kind of scratches or other blemishes. Be sure to stay on top of these things as often and as quickly as possible. 
  • Polish it up. While waxing your vehicle is a great idea and a great way to keep your vehicle looking shiny and new, things happen and scratches can occur. When this happens, polishing your vehicle can help remove abrasions and scratches. 

Purchasing a prestigious European supercar is a huge investment, and along with it comes responsibilities. One of the biggest responsibilities is keeping your paint job looking shiny and new. Following these five steps can help you do just that. 

Keeping your car looking good is one thing, but keeping it running well is another. When it comes to fixing European supercars, you need experts that know the specific engines and components of these vehicles and how they work. We have two decades of experience doing that here at Otto’s. To book an appointment, feel free to give us a call. 

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