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Simple-Sounding Yet Costly Auto Repairs

It is difficult for many vehicle owners to predict how much their automobile repairs will cost. This is especially true and even amplified when it comes to owners of European luxury and supercars. Some auto repairs can sound easy and straightforward enough, but when a customer gets the estimate on what it might cost, they are often blown away by what they hear. The reason for this can be due to a few different factors. First, parts that sound simple and that a typical customer will understand can be much more rare or expensive than they know. Also, the labor it takes to make a repair can possibly take longer than they understand or expect. Again, this is even more true when it comes to the extensive amount of labor it takes to repair European luxury and supercars, and parts for these exclusive vehicles are often difficult or impossible to find. 

The Right Way to Do Business

A good mechanic will always do everything he or she can to make sure that their customers understand what a repair project will cost before they do it. Adding hidden fees and other costs that customers weren’t aware of is a very dishonest business practice, but unfortunately, it does happen to often. Sometimes a mechanic will have an easy to understand explanations for a customer who isn’t very knowledgeable of how cars work, and then they are shocked by the cost. 

Mileage May Vary

Each vehicle is different, and this is true for even regular, everyday vehicles. Some newer vehicles have electrical components that are buried under layers of paneling that will need to be removed to even access a relatively simple-sounding job like repairing anti-lock braking systems. Most modern day cars use what’s called a control area network, which is an intricately complex system of computerized components and sensors that make up aspects of a vehicle such as a rearview camera, controlling the interior temperature, turning on the headlights, and even as simple as rolling down the windows. Adding to this complexity are the advanced computerized components of vehicles nowadays, such as high-tech center consoles, GPS, and WiFi networks, just to name a few. What used to take up an entire room 30-40 years ago now fits in the palm of our hand or on the center console of our vehicle. 

Trust the Experts

To reiterate, we are mainly discussing vehicles in general in this post. We aren’t even talking about how much more intricate, complicated and complex high-end Eurpoean supercars and luxury vehicles are. It takes a special shop to understand how these world-class machines operate, and how to repair them in the most efficient ways. Additionally, even the shops with the most expertise might not be certified luxury parts dealers. Here at Otto’s European Coachworks, we are not only highly experienced experts when it comes to these vehicles, but we are both Bentley and Rolls-Royce certified. We have 20 years of experience providing stellar service to the best customers that Southern California has to offer. If you’re ready to make an appointment, give us a call today!

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