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3 Crucial Things to Know About Your Tires

maintain car tiresWhen it comes to taking care of their European supercar or luxury vehicle, when we hear that a customer has an issue it’s usually under the hood. Sometimes, it’s with the interior, or with the suspension or brakes. But most customers won’t think that the issue could be with their tires. Keeping a set of tires with good tread that fits well is essential for both roadway safety and the overall health of your vehicle. Here are three things that are crucial to always understand your tires.

Tire Pressure is Technical and Precise

Most cars have a sticker on the door or on the tire that tells you the proper tire pressure. It’s easy to find and it’s not hard to properly maintain the recommended PSI (pounds per square inch) on your tires. Sadly, too many people ride around with underinflated tires usually, but some even over-inflate their tires. They often do this because they think if they’ve got a leak, they’re compensating for the said leak by overinflating. Underinflated tires hurt the performance of your vehicle because they don’t grip as well as they should, and the tires will wear out faster if they are underinflated. Overinflated tires will strain the rubber and cause them to wear unevenly.

Proper Inflation and Tread Are Safety Essentials

This is especially true when it comes to European supercars. Think about it. If you drive a supercar, you understand how essential it is to properly turn, brake and accelerate effectively. As a supercar owner, we don’t need to tell you that driving one is much different than driving a typical consumer vehicle. You accelerate faster and must brake sooner than most drivers, turn differently, and so on. And so much of the effectiveness of these driving maneuvers rely on your tires. If your tires are worn or aren’t properly inflated, you cause a danger to yourself as well as other motorists. Not to mention, you could be causing unnecessary wear and tear to your precious investment that is your European supercar. If you think your tires might be too low on tread, perform a penny test on them immediately. 

Improper Tire Inflation Alerts You of Other Issues

If you notice that your tires aren’t wearing evenly the way that they should, this could mean you’ve got a bigger problem than just your tires. If the wear is uneven and more near your vehicle’s center, there’s a good chance you need an alignment. If the outer tire is wearing faster, you might want to slow down around corners. If it’s the middle section, your tires are probably over-inflated.

Trust Your Tires to the European Car Specialists

If you are in need of an alignment or a new set of tires for your European supercar, don’t just trust it to anyone. Be sure that the shop you take your precious investment to understands the specific nuances of European supercars and luxury vehicles. As you can see from above, your safety and the safety of other motorists are quite literally riding on the health of your tires.

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