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The Special Needs of Supercars

oil for high end carsEuropean supercars aren’t like other vehicles. Their high-end details, fast speeds, superb performance and striking body designs set them apart in the automotive world. They’re fun to show off and even more fun to drive. 

Anyone who signs up to own one, though, also signs up for its care and maintenance—and supercars require more than your average coupe. Here are a few special things supercars need to stay in peak condition. 

High-Grade Synthetic Oil

You can’t just refill your supercar’s oil tank with a liter of 10w30. Because of the extreme heat generated by their high-performance engines, supercars require high-grade synthetic oil to keep from overheating. Some supercar manufacturers even recommend specific types for each model they produce. It’s not cheap, either. Oil changes on some supercars can run $1,500 or more.


Lots of people are content to park their commuter vehicles at the curb outside their house, but you won’t want to do that with a supercar. Tree sap, bird droppings, and accidental dings can wreak havoc on a premium paint job—and too much sun exposure can fade, warp, or crack the interior surfaces. Plan to store your supercar in a garage where it can be properly protected from the elements. Really high-end supercars may require a temperature-controlled environment. If your home garage can’t provide that, you can rent a space at a luxury car storage facility.   

Waxing and Detailing 

Along with regular oil changes, supercar owners should get their cars waxed and detailed regularly. Not only does a beautifully waxed car turn heads on the street, the wax helps keep the paint in prime condition. Likewise, interior detailing removes dust that can seep into sensitive parts and oils that can stain leather surfaces. Detailing services for supercars can be pricey, but it’s an investment worth making in the car’s future value.  

A Certified Mechanic

Not just anyone can service or repair a European supercar. They have complex systems that demand factory-made replacement parts and special tools to install those parts. Just refilling the oil in a Ferrari Enzo, for instance, requires a prescribed sequence of adding the oil in parts and idling the engine. Plus, the car has to be put on a unique scissor lift, made especially for the Enzo, to perform the maintenance. Even for the pros, servicing a supercar can take days or even weeks.

Otto’s European has two decades of experience servicing, repairing, and maintaining European luxury vehicles. If you’d like to schedule an appointment or ask about our services, please contact us.

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