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Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles: Part 2

Pros and Cons of Electric VehiclesIs owning a luxury electric vehicle the right choice for you? Last month, Part 1 of our blog covered the drawbacks of owning a luxury EV. In this second installment of our two-part series, we explore the advantages EVs can offer the European supercar enthusiast.  

1. EVs are wickedly fun to drive

If you love pulling ahead of traffic after a stoplight, EVs have you covered. The instant torque generated by an electric engine delivers the unbridled joy of gliding over the pavement like a sled on snow. The kind of performance many supercar manufacturers have been working decades to achieve with gas-powered engines has been quickly reached with electric ones. A firm press of the accelerator can have you cruising at top speed within seconds. With no combustion to contend with, the ride is smoother, too. And a lower center of gravity makes twisty roads and tight corners a pleasure to navigate. 

Add in the perk of some cities allowing EV owners to drive in the less crowded carpool lane, and you’ve got a recipe for a good time.  

2. They can save you money

Sure, luxury EVs come with a hefty price tag. But after that, the savings add up. Electricity currently costs less than gasoline and diesel, saving you hundreds of dollars a year on fuel costs. Also, with no oil and fewer mechanical parts, EVs require less maintenance and are cheaper to repair. Additionally, several states offer tax credits to people who purchase electric vehicles. 

If you’re tired of driving your petrol-powered Ferrari to the mechanic for expensive tune-ups every few months, an electric supercar might be your solution.

3. They can save the environment 

Fueled by renewable energy and emitting zero emissions, EVs have the potential to revolutionize the environment. No exhaust means no more smog clogging the skies or triggering your allergies. As more EVs hit the road, their quieter engines will reduce noise pollution and make cities more livable. Thankfully, none of this requires giving up your love of European supercars. With more luxury EVs going into production every year now, it will soon be easy to have the fun, efficient, environmentally friendly supercar of your dreams.

And whether gas or electric, we’re here to service that car. We have over 20 years of experience maintenance European luxury cars. Call us for an appointment today!


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