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Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles: Part 1

Electric Vehicle benefitsThere’s no denying it: EVs are becoming an increasingly common sight on today’s roadways. Charging stations are popping up at malls and rest areas, and city governments are adding electric busses and delivery trucks to their fleets. For lovers of luxury European cars, the EV revolution comes with a bit of controversy. Sure, caring about the environment is important. But what about performance? Craftsmanship? Can a luxury EV deliver the same joy as its gasoline sibling? 

In this two-part series, we’ll address the pros and cons of owning a luxury EV. Today, we tackle the cons.

You won’t go as far in an EV.

Because EVs have to recharge periodically, they have limited range. How limited? Depending on the brand, you’re probably looking at a range of 100 miles vs 300 or 400 in a petrol-powered car. If it’s cold outside, expect that number to fall even further. Manufacturers are working to improve the range of EV vehicles, but they haven’t quite cracked the code. 

Unless you’re planning to take your Ferrari on a cross-country trip, however, a shorter range may not be an issue for you. Just keep a charger in your garage. 

They’re quiet. Possibly too quiet. 

Nothing beats the full-throated roar of a handbuilt Italian engine. Today’s EVs, however, are whisper quiet. They’re so quiet, in fact, that manufacturers have started adding noise devices so pedestrians can hear them coming. Some luxury EVs, like the Tesla Model 3, have engine sounds built in so drivers can experience the auditory thrill of pressing the excelerator. If you’re a diehard supercar enthusiast, these canned engine noises likely won’t satisfy. If you’re blessed with sensitive hearing, however, a quieter engine may be just what you want.  

Model options are limited.

There are so many luxury European cars to love: Porsches, Ferraris, Audis, Lamborghinis, Bentlys, BMWs and more. However, the selection of EVs available is not so vast. Right now, Audi makes the e-Tron model, Porsche has the Taycan, and Jaguar has the i-PACE. After that, the luxury options get thin. Ferrari has yet to develop a fully electric car, and Lamborghini’s model is all sold out. However, with many manufacturers looking to produce electric cars exclusively within the next few years, the luxury options are sure to multiply.

Next month, we’ll cover the pros of owning a luxury EV. If your luxury car needs service in the meantime, whether gas or electric, call us for an appointment. We’re Rolls-Royce and Bentley Certified and have over 20 years of experience maintenancing European cars.

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