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Engine Air Filters & Cabin Air Filters: Functions and Proper Maintenance

change air filter for carYour European supercar or luxury vehicle has two filters that are highly important for your engine and your cabin. But do you know the difference between your engine air filter and your cabin air filter? How about their functions and similarities? These might seem trivial and unimportant, but understanding how to spot when these filters need to be changed can help improve performance as well as the air quality inside of your vehicle. Keep reading for the information you need to know about these filters. 

Air Filter Functions

Internal combustion engines draw in the air using their intake system to make your vehicle run. To keep debris, dust, and other unwanted particles out of your engine, modern vehicles have engine air filters installed. This filter is at the front of most engines to keep it clean and free from debris. A well-maintained air filter is important for the engine of vehicles to keep everything clean, performing well, and running smoothly. If too much dirt and debris get into your engine air filter, these particles will prevent engine combustion and could eventually do damage to your vehicle. This is important for most vehicles, but it is even more important for European supercars to perform properly because of how intricate and sophisticated their engines are.

Cabin Air Filter Functions

Both of these filters are constructed and designed similarly, but their jobs are very different. The cabin air filter is located in your vents and keeps the air inside your car clean and healthy. When functioning properly, it removes harmful particles from the air like ashes, dirt, debris, soot, and other airborne particles. You will want to make sure that you keep the cabin air filter clean and properly maintained. Failure to do so will result in decreased efficiency and gradual degradation in the quality of your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning. What’s worse, a dirty cabin air will spread potentially harmful allergens into the air that you breathe in your vehicle. A quality mechanic will make sure that your cabin air filter is changed regularly. 

Filter Maintenance 

Recommended maintenance and changing of these important air filters can be found in your owner’s manual, and vary depending on the vehicle you own. A good mechanic will understand when it’s time to change these filters and how often to do so. Other factors play into when to change these filters, like where you live, how far you drive daily, and so on.

Trust the European Supercar and Luxury Experts

Keeping your filters properly cleaned and maintained are just two important aspects of ensuring that your European supercar or luxury vehicle stays at peak performance. The experts here at Otto’s European have two decades of experience working with these world-class machines. We are Bentley and Rolls-Royce certified, which means that we have exclusive access to these parts that other shops don’t. We offer discreet, prompt service, and stand by each job we work on. Give us a call today for directions or to schedule an appointment.

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