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6 Tips for Driving Your Supercar Safely at Night

drive safely at nightDriving at night can be dangerous for your everyday motorist driving a typical consumer vehicle. For those of us lucky enough to drive a prestigious European supercar, though, driving at nighttime can be deadly – especially if it’s raining. As a supercar owner, you know these high-performance, world-class machines are much more powerful than normal cars, and therefore you must take extra precautions that drivers of typical cars might not have to. 

  • Remember that fatigue can kill. 

Most fatigue-related accidents tend to happen between the hours of midnight and 6 AM, as these are the hours when the majority of drivers tend to be the most tired. It is always a good idea to drive defensively when on the roads at night no matter what vehicle you are in. But it’s obviously not just the other drivers on the road – be sure to assess your fatigue level often. Drink a beverage with caffeine, pull over and wait a few minutes, turn on some music, etc. If you feel yourself reaching the point of no return, stop somewhere for the night. It’s not just your life that is in danger, it’s everyone else on the road as well. 

  • Get a clear view. 

Regularly cleaning windshields is something that all drivers should do, but is even more essential that you do so on your supercar daily. Visibility is highly reduced when it’s dark, but that keeping your view clear can help with that. 

  • Slow it down. 

Again, it is recommended that drivers of typical consumer cars take precautions when driving at night. But it is even more important for you to drive slower in your supercar when the sun has gone down. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 37 percent of all nighttime accidents are speeding related. That number drops to 21 percent during the day. As we mentioned, you can’t see as well at night – so slow down! Understand the way your supercar accelerates and be gentle with the gas pedal. 

  • Brighten it up. 

When driving on the back roads or in areas with low lighting, always use your high beams when you can. Be courteous to other drivers and turn your high beams off when other cars pass you. Remembering to use your high beams can increase your visibility, and a surprising number of drivers don’t think to use them – especially those who are used to driving in big cities. 

  • Avoid interior distractions. 

Be sure to always dim the interior lights of your vehicle to avoid being distracted by them. If you have information centers like many modern luxury vehicles and supercars do, they should be able to be turned off or at least dimmed. Remember, the most distracted you are, the more dangerous you are on the road.

  • Watch out for animals. 

Fall to the start of winter are typically when most road collisions with wildlife happen. Deer, skunks, rabbits, squirrels, and so on can dart out into the road at a second’s notice – depending on where you live, of course. They are unlikely to do so if you’re driving on a highway, but stranger things have happened. 

Driving at night significantly increases the dangers that come with driving your European supercars. But if you start with these six tips for safer nighttime driving, you can decrease your chances of an accident as well as that of other drivers one the motorway. 

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