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3 Telltale Signs of Alternator Failure

Alternator Failure repairThe alternator is one of the most crucial components of any vehicle. It powers the car’s electrical system by transferring the mechanical energy from the crankshaft. The alternator’s most crucial role in your car is to keep your battery charged and performing its best. Like the majority of components in your vehicle, they slowly lose their function over time due to wear and tear. This wear and tear can be made worse if the vehicle is older, has high mileage, and is driven hard daily. With a supercar, you’re less likely than other drivers to need to worry about high wear and tear and daily use, but it never hurts to understand what’s going on under the hood of your investment.

What Happens When Your Alternator Fails?

The older your vehicle is, the more mileage it has on it, and the harder you use it, the faster it is that any component will break down. Statistics tell us that most alternators will last around seven years or 150,00 miles. If your vehicle leaks fluid or gets hit with water damage, your alternator could break down or fail on you. This is usually because the liquid will damage your alternator bearing shaft bearings causing failure. 

When the alternator fails, you’ll know it, as it can be similar to a dying battery. Your headlights and electrical system could flicker and falter, or perhaps the engine will be making some odd noises. Repairing a failing alternator isn’t the easiest task for a mechanic, so finding one that can perform this job reliably can be challenging. Here is more insight into the telltale signs that your alternator is failing and needs to be replaced.

Dead Battery

Few things are worse when you’re on the road than getting stranded with a dead car battery. Times have changed, and most people aren’t so quick to “give you a jump” as they used to be – let alone know how to even go about doing it. As previously mentioned, all vehicle components will fail as they get older, and the battery is no exception. However, if you know you’ve replaced your battery relatively recently, this is one telltale sign of a failing alternator.

Headlights Flickering

Your alternator is what powers your headlights. So if you’re driving at night and the headlights are flickering – or worse – not working at all, it’s time to get your vehicle over to a technician immediately.

Malfunctioning Electrical Components

Your headlights and battery might be the most immediately noticeable signs that you have a failing alternator, but failing electrical components are also a red flag. If your dashboard is flickering, A/C isn’t working, power windows are going more slowly than normal, or your navigation/ entertainment system is acting up, there’s a good chance you have a failing alternator.

Let Otto’s European Coachwerks Help

If you are experiencing any of the above telltale signs that your alternator is malfunctioning, you need to get your vehicle to a technician as soon as possible. Otto’s has many years of experience working with the intricacies of European supercars and luxury vehicles. We are here for timely and discreet service. Call our shop today for directions or a contact-free appointment.

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